Craft Show Listings - Best Arts And Crafts Fairs and Festivals Across The Country

Arts and crafts is about the skill and natural talent in “making things”, whether it be traditional crafts which is being passed from one generation to another, popular handcrafts, or simply just creating items for your sheer fun. A great deal of arts and crafts have grown more popular than ever and many craft lovers take the expertise and skills of the crafters extremely serious. The truly amazing number of arts and craft fairs throughout the United States, from across the nation are proof of this success. CONNECTICUT, Annual Craft Expo: Bringing in more than 14,000 artists, enthusiasts and visitors from all around the US, the Annual Craft Expo for the last 51 years is being hosted and is one of the oldest juried shows. Crafters showcase their art and craft work of the highest quality and the panel of professional people judge the talent.

There are many more attractive activities like the silent auction, craft activities for youngsters, food court etc, which are part of this whole Craft Expo. INDIANA, Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival: Honouring forty-six years, the festival continues to be ranked as being the 7th Best Classic and Modern Craft Show in the United States, the top honor for just about any Indiana show. It features more than 350 crafters and artists from around the country. MISSISSIPPI, Canton Flea Market: You can find over 1,000 crafters showcasing their talent and items such as handmade jewelry, ceramic, and many other unique art and craft work. NEW HAMPSHIRE, League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair: It is one of the oldest and the finest craft fair in the country. It is one of the most prestigious art and craft events today. The fair last for 9 days and features both contemporary and tradition work of art. You can more than 200 craft booths and also can find children’s and adult’s workshops being conducted.

The jury to judge the talent are member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen which is a very reputed organization. NORTH CAROLINA, Seagrove Pottery Festival: It is the only and the most popular Pottery festival which is conducted once a year and is a gathering of potters from all across the US under a single roof. You can find the Seagrove area potters exhibiting and selling the pots. The event includes exhibition, auction and food vendors. NORTH DAKOTA, Grand Cities Art Fest: The fest includes hundreds of quality vendors exhibiting their creations along the side of the Red River. You can also enjoy the live music bands along with appreciating the painting and the porcelain and textiles. VERMONT, Vermont Fine Furniture & Woodworking Festival: Vermont’s Fine Furniture & Woodworking Festival exhibits Vermont artists-in-wood and their dedication to preserving traditional skills and crafts alive.

Visitors interacting and purchasing notice that the exhibitors live their lives with tools of the craft in hand. You'll find the world class ingenuity and workmanship in the furniture and wood products exhibited at the fest. CarvingHealth Fitness Articles, crafting and turning a wood log into a masterpiece is simple sheer talent.

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